About Us

Our unique range of tracking devices (called a GeoNode) are fully manufactured in the U.K. by WRD Systems. The GeoNode represents both the smallest and most flexible tracking platform available anywhere. With a footprint of just 22x40mm, the core GeoNode can be installed in even the tightest of spaces.

By starting with our tiny device we then build custom solutions to suit each application. This high level of flexibility means that we can build a device and surrounding software (together called IAM) that suits any individual requirement from small bikes to large ocean going vessels. Custom-built solutions to suit the needs of our clients mean we are also able to avoid unnecessary features found in many devices making IAM surprisingly affordable to both deploy and maintain.

No other device offers such a vast range of options. Our devices are capable of communicating data via almost any medium from simple SMS to Iridium satellite connectivity. GeoNodes are also compatible with hundreds of additional sensors allowing data to be gathered on everything from air quality to monitoring network coverage.


Bespoke Systems

Bespoke design allows us to build the exact device to suit you. We start with our base GeoNode device and give you the option to add specific features and sensors to ensure you are getting the best product to meet all your requirements.

The core GeoNode device is capable of supporting a range of expansion options including custom sensors such air quality, accelerometers, temperature, humidity, and even radiation detectors. It also can be expanded with SD card logging capability and BlueTooth Low Energy connectivity. Once the desired expansion modules have been selected our designers can produce customised housings to allow the device to be fitted into its desired location and survive in any environment.

Standard Systems

As well as bespoke devices and software packages we are able to offer a range of off the shelf solutions for easy deployment for those who require something on a tight deadline. For further information on our standard systems please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Below you can see an overview of our core GeoNode device and its features, simply hover over any points of interest to see a detailed description.


Our software platform operates in much the same was as our hardware. We identify the key data our users need to collect and then design a software environment that allows for the most efficient management, monitoring and collection of that information. Software platforms are available as both hosted solutions and mobile applications.

If instead you prefer to pull in the data for your own analysis, we provide a flexible API for that purpose. You can decide the data format (such as JSON or XML), the calling methods, the authentication method, etc. Want to have the data come from the GeoNode to your existing infrastructure directly? Also no problem; we will gladly help you with the integration. Your data the way you want it.

Below you can see an overview of one of our recent software deployments, simply hover over the required area for a full description.